Eunhyuk Celebrates The Release of ‘The Beat Goes On’ with An SNS Party

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk showed some excitement on his SNS account last night to celebrate the release of the new album of his D&E unit called ‘The Beat Goes On’.

Eunhyuk started his SNS party by counting down the clock, reminding the fans to stay tuned at 24.00 a.m. KST for the release of ‘The Beat Goes On’ along with a music video for its title track, ‘Growing Pains’.

“Heol, 40 minutes left,” he said, starting his countdown.

While he tried to be calm by counting per 10 minutes until 11.50 p.m. KST, Eunhyuk couldn’t hide his excitement and started to count down per minute and also posted some ridiculous things, including randomly mentioning group 4Minutes.

“4Minutes!!!!!!!!Fo-fo-fo-fo-four minutes crazy!!!!! I listen well to 4Minutes’ ‘Crazy’ Now I have really become crazy…” he wrote in the middle of the countdown.


Apart from counting down, Eunhyuk also thanked the members who congratulated him…

Lihat pos aslinya 109 kata lagi


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